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impossible names?

when actually playing the game, i try to avoid and the oracle of bacon, but the oracle site is fun to click around and stuff... one of the links is Bacon Numbers, which is a chart detailng how many of the names in the database are different degrees from Kevin Bacon. for example, 1 person is 0 degrees, 1766 are 1 degree, and 141840 are 2 degrees... it goes to 7 and 8! according to this chart, 115 are 7 degrees and 61 are 8 degrees. this seems rather odd, that there are actually 176 actors that cannot be connected with Bacon in 6 degrees or less. and i can't figure out if there's a way to list them. i'm guessing that the majority of them are actors that were only in one movie, and in most cases an obscure foreign film.
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