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getting sick of me yet?

doing some random clicking. decided to look up Eminem. didn't find much of interest besides 8 Mile, so from there I clicked Kim Basinger. What the heck? She was in Never Say Never Again (1983). So that connects her to Sean Connery, cool... hey, wait one freaking minute! Rowan Atkinson? Mr. Bean was in a James Bond movie? No wonder he wanted to do that Johnny English flick. I don't now if these connections will help shorten any Six Degrees paths, but I find it terribly amusing at any rate. And, hey, further clicking reveals that Atkinson was in something called The Witches (1990) with Anjelica Huston. I know I haven't done any Kevin Bacon connections yet, but you gotta admit, for anyone who didn't already know this stuff, it could make the game a little more fun when someone gives you an obscure challenge. I mean, i know Michael Keaton was in She's Having a Baby with Kevin Bacon, but if you're not going for the shortest route...

Michael Keaton was in Batman with Kim Basinger
who was in Never Say Never Again with Rowan Atkinson
who was in The Witches wit Anjelica Huston
who was in The Royal Tannenbaums with Bill Murray
who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon

maybe not the most efficient way to do it, but kinda fun.
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