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while going through the archives, i came across this post, and was going to respond to it, but it's old enough that i don't know if anyone would read it. so i'll continue the discussion in a new post...

zeppo316 said: I just think it is odd that such a good game is based solely on kevin bacon.

i always assumed it was because "Kevin Bacon" sort of rhymes with "seperation". quite some time ago, a theory was thrown around that every person is only 6 steps away from knowing everyone else, thus the phrase "6 degrees of seperation". that is, if you listed everyone you know, and all of those people did the same, and so on, by the 6th step, everyone in the world would be named. i've always guessed that it was someone being nostalgic about 80s culture that thought it was funny that Bacon's name rhymed, and decided that it was probably possible to match any actor to him in 6 movies or less. so it's quite possible that the reason that the game focuses on Kevin Bacon has everything to do with his name and little to do with his achievements. the fact that he's appeared in a lot of movies, and that many of them also feature some big names, is merely a bonus.
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