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greetings! upon looking over this community's archives, it appears that there are ups and downs... the community basically dies for awhile, then a few challenges revive it. i've been torturing co-workers with this game for quite some time now, so i think i'm going to start posting my own challenges now and then, as well as share occasional degrees-related stories, in an attempt to keep the community active on a more regular basis. i know, there's tonnes of LJ communities that people try to keep active to no avail, but i'm gonna try.

first of all, 2 challenges:

Darryl Hannah - if you come up with a short route for this one involving Kill Bill, try to do another one without it.

Norm MacDonald

btw, i'm not 100% on the spelling for those two, so apologies if i goofed.

anyway, i've had this sorta idea in my head for awhile, i was wanting a bit of feedback. i'm thinking of doing a six degrees web page. there's probably a bunch out there, but what i want my page to have is a brief description of the game, with examples, and links, but i also want to have a database/map type thing for beginners. basically, i'd have a list of some of the movies Kevin Bacon has been in, and a summary of some of the actors who were in each of those movies. for each of the actors, you can click on their name, for another list of some of the movies they've been in, with a few of the actors from each of those movies. you can see why i emphasize the "some" there, coz i'm not wanting to make it a complete database, just a handful of useful "degrees" that sometimes get forgotten. part of the reason i was inspired to do this was that i haven't seen JFK or A Few Good Men, so i sometimes forget which actors were in which movie, which can be maddening because there were a lot of big names in both, and when i'm playing the game, i hate to say "...with so-and-so, who was in either JFK or A Few Good Men with....". i dunno, what do you guys think? if the page had a fairly decent design to it, would you visit it now and then? would it be useful? suggestions are welcome. i'd like to make it the unofficial web page for this community, so i'd sort of like some input/support.
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